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Backpack: A Timeless Product

Ever since the history of man is documented, backpack has been used by different race and civilization in several different forms and styles. Because of the many facets of our life that requires backpack to be used, this is something that’s not unexpected.

For people that have a love for travel and like to do it the free-and-easy way, backpacks can be used to carry belongings from equipments to invaluables to clothings.

If you’re say a college student, you probably understand how in the past backpacks were used to hold those bulky textbooks but one which has evolved in functionality because the use of laptops is becoming mainstream. If you’re fashionistas, the best backpacks for you will be ones that are not only highly practical but also ones that can be used as part of your style accessories.

Define Your Purpose

One crucial thing to do once you want to buy a new backpack is always to to define the particular purposes that the backpack will be used for. Your shopping – whether it is for the best backpacks for college or others – is going to be a good deal simpler if this is clear to you since the beginning.

I’m saying this due to the fact backpack is a generic term and you can find numerous backpack brands to select from, with each likely to have its own market dominance in specific needs or niches.

For instance if you’re looking for the top rated school backpacks, you would maybe not be looking at Everest but Jansport instead. What this means is that you can instantly narrow down your choices and concentrate only those ranges that you’ll probably wind up getting anyway.

Good Backpacks last for Years. Look Carefully

Obviously purchasing a backpack is as easy as going into a Target store, just grab one which is most gorgeous looking and make your purchase. There’s nothing wrong with this method but you need to know that it’d take at the minimum a few rounds of buying before you end up with one that you’ll eventually use for at least the next couple of years.

If you like to boost the probability of locating the most useful backpack to your particular requirements, then it’s very important to read through backpack selection tips.

You’ll find few basic discussions in every well-written backpack evaluation, specifically material durability, compartment patterns, body structure and the options for a given budget range.

Different Backpack Designs

One major segment of the backpack market will be the students. When I refer to college student, it may sometimes be referring to high-school though. I remember that in the past (when I was still in college), my backpack was always full of all the textbooks and many of them was really heavy.

But recently, with the emergence of mobile PCs with tablet computers and laptops as the major driving forces, there’s been a paradigm shift in regards to how lessons are conducted. The obvious change is the substitute of hard printed books with electronic books.

On first thought, it seems that lighter backpack would be the logical consequence as it’s no longer necessary to bring those heavy textbooks to school. In fact, it’s never as great as it sounds.

While electronic book is weightless, notebook is virtually a must for every college student and bigger 17″ laptop, that is becoming popular these days, might weigh up to 2kg. How everyone else hope that all laptops could be as thin and as weightless just like the Macbook Air but its cost continues to be beyond the reach of many college students.

One rapidly growing backpack segment is probably the PMETs. That is in large part contributed to the widespread use of notebook and growing mobility in the workplace. Have a careful look at offices around you and I bet that with laptops being a lot more than capable to accomplish most daily tasks including managing spreadsheets, companies are abandoning bulky computers at an unbelievable pace.

If you speak to many working professionals on what they think about backpack, the answer will no longer be the same if the question is asked yesterday when compared with today. Previously, most would answer you that backpack doesn’t look great and the sling or maybe more elegant looking bag would be much more well-liked.

However, if you have to move around often, I guess you would only want to carry a backpack. This trend has in no time caught the radar of backpack producers and they’ve been fast to address this segment. To be considered as the ultimate notebook backpack for office workers, it has to fulfill 2 requirements – features and visual appeal – and for this, you’d be considering makers with the likes of Thule.

Best backpacks for college for Summer 2014

Foolish Thought

In conclusion, I firmly believe that extinction is not something that is applicable when it comes to backpack. Backpack will continuously change and keep pace with the changing lifestyle needs and fashion vogues. Are we going to see the dimension of student and professional backpacks shrinking as time goes by?

It is a problem in which the response will be based on how thin and small future computing devices will be. With all the hype surrounding foldable screen technology, it’s a matter of when (and maybe not if) this technology will turn into a reality and when that occurs, notebook dimensions will definitely shrink to half or possibly less than their current sizes. This would give you an idea about what future backpack sizes is likely to be like.

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